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The news about Woolwoorths turned me into a vulture, but I was sad to hear that apparently, Murder One will close by the end of the month. It's a specialist paperback genre (crime and romance mainly) genre bookshop on Charging Cross Road. Ever since I found it, I always paid it a visit whenever I was in London (but a shop on the street). It isn't realistic for me to go there before the end of the month, sadly.
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Ju Gosling's wonderful The Virtual World of Girls, which kept me interested throughout last summer, particularly The History of Girls School Stories. It's very comprehensive and interesting, even though I'm unconvinced by certain arguments. (The later portion, about technology and its implications is already really dated.)

Livejournal communities:
[livejournal.com profile] girlsown This community is devoted to vintage girls' fiction, mostly British and Australian. Think Brent-Dyer rather than Betsy-Tacy!

[livejournal.com profile] new_atalanta This is a community for articles, discussion, character studies and reviews – all directly related to Girls' Fiction. [...] New Atalanta is a group blog [...] Participants are asked to make 'post proposals' - book reviews; character studies; articles or essays on individual books or series, or on themes across series; graphics; recs and links to fic or to other people's meta.

Collecting Books and Magazines - wide-ranging information available here on Abbey, Biggles, Billabong, Billy Bunter, Chalet, Dimsie, Famous Five, Merry, Jennings, William, Anne of Green Gables, Gem, Observers, Ladybirds, Magnet, Wonder Books and many other literary subjects. ANNUALS, ARTICLES, ARTISTS, AUTHORS, BOOK COLLECTORS and COLLECTING, CHILDREN'S AUTHORS, CLUBS, EPHEMERA, FANZINES, MAGAZINES, NEW BOOKS and special presentations, NON-FICTION GENRES & SERIES, PAPERS, POCKET LIBRARIES, READERS, SERIES and STORY PAPERS.
I've only dipped in so far - it's probably not safe for me to do otherwise.

Girls Gone By I can personally recommend their service. Republishing hard-to-find gems (I've been using them heavily for Oxenham, but they do Brent-Dyer, Gwendoline Courtney and many more, not to mention related non-fiction.)

Fidra books - (re)publishes Mabel Esther Allan books among other children's adventure stories (see the list!)
The publisher's blog is here.

Topsy Turvy Children's Books sellers of 2nd-hand books.


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