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Earlier this week, news came that a Nancy Drew TV show is being developed, but apparently she's going to be in her 30s and working for the FBI. My first impression is that that's baffling, as what's most recognisable about Nancy, apart from the red hair is that she's a teenage detective, able to solve crimes that the professionals can't (and, as I like to think, despite numerous concussions that would have brain damaged a lesser mortal. Except Nancy isn't mortal, she's sn icon.

I suppose that the thinking behind changing her age and private investigating is that they'll be going after an older audience than girls (which the film, discussed here, aimed for. In that review, I also discuss the film's approach to the 'puzzle' of how to adapt Nancy Drew). I don't even know if there's a current run of Nancy Drew books, but I do remember that an updated series the Nancy Drew case files was published to attract girls who would be in their thirties now. Women like me, not to mention others who grew up reading about Nancy solving mysteries, who might be curious - will it hark back to her teenage years sleuthing? How will they handle Bess, Geogre and Ned and their relationships with Nancy now? How will they turn Nancy into a three-dimensional character? What approach will they take - and will the show end up being a generic show about a red-headed female detective in her thirties, making us wonder why they bothered using the name.

It should be noted that this may not even come off.


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