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Gratis, a lesson you'd think I would have learned: when buying a second-hand book, it is worth checking the last page, not to scan the content - I'm no advocate of that! - but to make sure that it's there. The last page of a story has to be the most irritating missing page. This lesson did not come about as a result of the book I'm about to review.

The Girls of Chequertrees: Marion St John Webb Harrap October 1925

This is a reread because I accidentally purchased a second copy of this book, having forgotten I already owned one, and I’d forgotten the story too. Read more... )
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This year, I’m only watching week 2 in the evenings, which means watching little live tennis. On Tuesday, Read more... )

As for the football, as one of the S4C commentators put it, we’re sad, not disappointed. What a championship after all those years! Nothing quite came together on the pitch – experts can better tell if the loss of Ramsay was the key or if it was more Portugal’s play; it did seem to me that there was little that could have been done to stop the two goals. But I think we’re all very proud of the ‘bois’ every one jack, even the ones who are defnitely not Swansea Jacks.
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On Wednesday* and Thursday I was unable to watch more than a few minutes here and catch a few headlines there. This was only enough to grasp that rain and the conditions were a problem and that several seeds had fallen, chief of which was Mugurza.

On Friday afternoon, Read more... )

On Saturday, Read more... )

As for middle Sunday, Read more... )

* Football !?!?

C'mon Cymru! I've watched more football - two whole matches and the rest - this summer than I had previously done in my life. I only understand the goal in the net bit, really, although apparently the game is about 'creating space' and what I learned from playing netball and hockey does not apply. I still think rugby is a more interesting sport, but I'm really proud of the team. The singing, obviously, gives me goosebumps.
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I’ll post an overview of a few books I’ve read over the holidays eventually, but this post is a look back at 2015, following a tradition started by my first post of 2015 when I said I looked forward to the next adventures of Wells and Wong. Well, Arsenic for Tea by Robin Stevens (in which the 1930s schoolgirls investigate another mystery, this time in Daisy Wells’s country house home) lived up to my expectations. I enjoyed Kate Saunders’s Beswitched, originally published a few years ago, but taking the reader back to a 1930s boarding school, a fraction more, even. I loved reading Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery and Gail Carriger’s Etiquette & Espionage.

Turning to hadrbacks, I enjoyed The Little Betty Wilkinson by Evelyn Smith, even though I think she’s written better books. I did read a book each by the ‘big four’: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer’s Chudleigh Hold, Sally’s Summer Term by Dorita Fairlie Bruce, Tomboys at the Abbey by Elsie J. Oxenham, which I didn’t review, and For the School Colours by Angela Brazil.

(In the first paragraph, I build up to my favourite and do the opposite in the second.)

Perhaps the best book I read this year was ‘Rose Under Fire’ by Elizabeth Wein, which is wonderful and harrowing, and I feel incapable of writing about it. I also really loved Helena McEwen’s Invisible River.

I reread Katherine L. Oldmeadow’s The Fortunes of Jacky, which stands the test of time, and now I have no more Oldmeadows to reread. I am, obviously, looking out for more by her in all the shops that sell second-hand books! I hope to read the next case Hazel Wong writes up and the second in the Finishing School series, but I expect to read EBD's 'Fardingales' as I have a copy in the depths of my 'to read' pile.
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Barbed Wire—Keep Out!: Agnes M. Miall Brock Press 1950

Isn’t this one of the most brilliant titles for a children’s book ever? It demands that the reader dives in, just like the barbed wire and the injunction to keep out has no influence on the main characters of this adventure.

They are Perry (really Perilla, poor thing) and her sister Prue and their chums Hump and Noel. They have appeared in other books, one of which, Snowed Up With a Secret, I own and had read years and years ago, but don’t remember a thing about. Perry and Hump are aged about sixteen, Prue’s about fourteen and Noel about eleven. So, if you like books about gangs of children bringing down gangs of criminals, you’ll like this.

Read more... )
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The Fortunes of Jacky: Katharine L. Oldmeadow The Children’s Press (This impression 1968)

So, we come to the last of my Oldmeadows, a collection that’s increased by one since I took to rereading them (see the tags). I’ve owned this book for many a year, although it was fun to reread it as an adult, while Read more... )
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I apologise for not having posted, but I didn't think anyone would care about how slipshod I thought Sally Baxter Girl Reporter - On Location was, or that I kept missing last week's Davis Cup tennis.

I have been keeping up with The Great British Sewing Bee, however. The final was last night. Read more... )
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I don't know if I'll get around to typing up a full review of 'Molly Hazeldene's Schooldays' by Maud Forsey, which I read over the holidays, but I felt it should be noted that one of the other school girls is named, rather magnificently, Leah Venus Sheepwash.

Looking back, my favourite Girls Own books read in 2014 were The Scholarship Girl at Cambridge by Josephine Elder, Dimity Drew's First Term by Nancy Breary and Mullion by Mabel Esther Allan. I also loved Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens (and look forward to more Wells and Wong cases) and enjoyed rereading The Chalet School and the Lintons.
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While others DANCE: Barbara Beacham Phoenix 1991

(That is how the title is set up on the front cover, the spine and the title page, although it’s the calmer ‘While others dance’ in the British cataloguing library information.)

By the time I got my hands on this, I was already a big fan of ballet stories (having come across the Sadlers Wells series, at least, if not Drina etc) and boarding school stories (Mallory Towers, St Clare’s, the Chalet School and non-serials) so this was bound to appeal to me as a child.Read more... )
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The reason why I didn’t watch the tennis yesterday was that I went shopping and successfully bought mumble books (all hardback girls own apart from one paperback D.E. Stevenson) for mumble mumble pounds. Actually, it worked out as being about £4.40 per book and not one of them cost more than you’d pay for a first hand paperback. It’s just the volume that makes me want to mumble. I’ll be posting many reviews about this haul, I hope.

While I wasn’t watching tennis, plenty happened on the women’s side, with seeds falling everywhere. Williams (Serena) and Li Na are the biggest surprises, but many others have gone. I suppose it's the cumulation that's the surprise, although it's telling that so many women have won the French recently. That is, nobody has come close to Nadal's domination.

I came home today to Read more... )
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Adorkable: Sarra Manning Atom 2012

I don’t want to pull apart this book, because I enjoyed it a lot, but I don’t want to praise it too highly either. It made me nostalgic for Read more... )


Mar. 9th, 2014 03:32 pm
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Carolynp mounts a well-argued defence of the Chalet School's Mary-Lou (I have to admit that my initial response was ‘Huh?’ at Mary-Lou needing to be defended)

Here's a blog post about slang and its use to include and exclude.

The other day, I experienced something that has never happened to me before when buying a book - I watched bemused as the shopkeeper wrapped it up in brown paper, stuck some tape to keep it together but then cut off a piece of string and tied it up with a bow. It was one of Maria's favourite things. It was at a shop that sold 'vintage' goods and was partly a tea shop - too knick knacky to be an antiques shop, and with all sorts of objects lying in front of the mainly hardback books that were for sale in a bookshelf. The book in question was in quite good nick, so I suppose it's what they do with everything they sell.
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I got hold of a Chambers hardback copy of this book (a reprint) - I wasn't struck by anything additional that wasn't in the paperback edition, but I haven't compared page by page or anything. (ETA: My Armada paperback is a 'revised edition' which was first published in 1970. Still couldn't tell you how revised it is, though.)

In this book, Read more... )

Edited on 17.1.14.
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Last week, I visited – I was going to type ‘bookshops’, but one of them was a charitably run book recycling project. Read more... )
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I hope to write about a couple of books that I read over last weekend soonish, but for now, here’s a meme via slemslempike. Abridged – I skipped a lot of questions.

Read more... )


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