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The Smiths of Silver Lane: Ethel Talbot Nelson (my copy is inscribed 1933)

As the title suggests, this is a family story. We gradually get introduced to the Smiths: Read more... )
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Rangers and Strangers and Other Stories: Ethel Talbot Nelson

I didn't realise until opening this book to rad it that it was a collection of short stories, rather than one book-length story. The title of the collection comes from the first and longest story, and is, in a way misleading, because Read more... )
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Of course, I always seem to come across Ethel Talbot, Bessie Marchant and Angela Brazil books because there are so many of them. I had some preconcieved ideas based on the title, Peggy's Last Term, that it would be about a prefect saying goodbye to her school and setting some young'uns right. But that wasn't the story at all. As I've reread Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince recently, Read more... ) I didn't need to read that story anyway. And that's the sort of story you'd get in a series, not as a stand-alone.

Peggy's Last Term: Ethel Talbot. Nelson

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Edited for typos and punctuation 7/6/10.
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I had other content for tonight, I'll get to it in a moment, but what a refreshing change to come home to see a match being played in sunshine with every hope of it running its course. The fact that it was Henin v S WIlliams - everyone's tip for the match of the quarters - was a bonus. I came in at the start of the second set, and the points were really intense. Like the crowd, I wanted Henin to win, and believed she would, even though she didn't contain Serena as well as she had in the French. But at the beginning of the third,, she just decided to up a gear, and there wasn't much Serena could do about it. Even when things got tight, there was certainly enough of a cushion. Henin is the player to beat, her quality has shone through so far this tournament.

Um, sorry for the 'shone'. Doubles next - poor mixeds, still on the first round. Murray is indeed becoming a star of the Championship. More involving was the next doubles match they showed, Mike Bryan (played by Bob Bryan) and Lisa Raymond (played by Maura Tierney) versus Melanie South (played by a heftier Thora Birch) and Alex Bogdanovic (played by a hedgehog) all played some entertaining tennis from what I was. And the Brits won! They beat the number 1 seeds who had plenty of titles between them. Just as I was wondering why Melanies 'Shotmaker' South wasn't higher up in the rankings, the commentators kindly explained she wasn't the best mover, but that that was protected more in doubles. Well, why doesn't she concentrate on doubles then? Her serving was very solid, her volleying and hand and eye co-ordination class and she stayed with Bryan. Erm. Yeah. Hopefully there will be just as much tennis tomorrow, because it was starting to feel like a tennis debating tournament.

Word of the day: (Justine Henin's as shared by Tracey 'not biased in the American player's favour at all' Austin) aggressivity.

Sally at School: Ethel Talbot, Nelson

This is a mid-read review!

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