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Schooldays at the Abbey: Elsie J. Oxenham Collins 1949 (although there’s an inscription from 1956 on it)

A lot happens in this book. Because of Read more... )
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The Abbey Girls on Trial: Elsie J. Oxenham Collins (between 1949 and 1951)

I found myself reading the first few chapters of this book with more interest than I’d expected, given the last few Abbey Girls books that I’ve read, Read more... )
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The Girl Who Wouldn’t Make Friends: Elsie J. Oxenham Nelsion Triumph Series

I bought this because it was by EJO, but by the end of the first chapter, I knew I’d read about the further adventures of Robin and the Abbey links to Plas Quellyn. Not that I can remember much about them, and I’ll have to hunt up my copy of Robins at the Abbey. Of course, it should be no surprise to me that it's linked, aren't all her books?

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