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Heist Society: Ally Carter, Orchard Books 2011

Before my increasing disillusionment with Ally Carter's 'Gallagher Girls' series got really bad, I'd bought a copy of 'Heist Society', the first in another series. Having finished the Gallagher Girls books, it was time to turn to this. I hoped, at least, that she'd written it having learned about what it takes to write a series of books. I can now report that, Read more... )
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Out of Sight, Out of Time: Ally Carter. The Gallagher Girls, Book Five Orchard House 2011 – it looks as if this was published in the UK before the US.

'Everyone was watching, staring, waiting for...something. I wasn't sure what.' (p.24)

Not that I mentioned it in my review of Book Four of this series, but at its end Read more... )
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I had a good book shopping expedition yesterday, and after a few wasted expeditions, I needed one. Two girls own books and one annual (with a contribution by Josephine Elder), a few murder mysteries and the next book in a series I'm reading that I'd have been happy to pay full price for, but didn't have to, because charity shops can be wonderful.

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You: Ally Carter Orchard Books 2009

The first in the Gallagher Girls series has definitely left me wanting to read more. Cleverly, the promotional blurb in the opening pages doesn’t quote other writers, but girls from the target audience. And what girl wouldn’t love to read a story about a boarding school for girls who are training to be spies? I would have, and though I’m not a girl any more, I enjoyed this.

Read more... )


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