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Here are some links I have meant to post for a good long while:

The Chalet School at War review by Did You Ever Stop to Think

From the same blog, a thought-provoking analysis of the first page of ‘The School at the Chalet’.

Also, a review of Head Girl of the Chalet School

And her Chalet School tag

[dreamwidth.org profile] el_staplador sings the praises of 'Ballet Shoes’ (from a feminist standpoint) here.

I couldn't see who whad written about coming to Anne Shirley for the first time as an adult at Vulpes Libris.

A review of Miss Buncle’s Book by Carrie S, which I found charming. My first D.E. Stevenson book was 'Amberwell', which I probably was too young for. I liked the idea of children growing up in a stately family home, but was quite upset that their lives turned out to be sad and full of strife. I find Stevenson variable in quality, but 'Miss Buncle’s Book' is one of my favourite books of hers,

The author of the recently reviewed Tam Lin can be found on Livejournal/Dreamwidth [livejournal.com profile] pameladean/[dreamwidth.org profile] pameladean.

Finally, and this is relatively breaking news, the BBC is adapting 'Little Women'.
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Schoolgirl Reporter: Constance M. White, Hutchinson, this edition 1969

I rated the last book by White that I read, The Ballet School Mystery and made a mental note to look out for more books by her, but Read more... )
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I haven't posted for a while, because I haven't read much for a while - the next book I'm going to write about was read in snatches. If nothing else, I'd like to change that this week, but then the tennis on TV season has begun, with the French and the distinctive thwap, thwap of the players getting the clay out of the grips of their shoes between points, so I may get distracted. At the beginning of last week, I managed to get home and either catch them listing the order of play for the next day or see the message that 'This stream has now finished', for yes, I have added the 'red button channel' to my favourites.

However, I have managed to see varying amounts of Ivanovic, Murray, Henin, Serena Williams, Djokovic, Nadal and Sharapova play. I hope that Murray starts getting easier matches or makes them easier matches. Djokovic's serve! Nadal was scarily good at times.

Under the Lilacs: Lousia M. Alcott Blackie

I bought this 12 years ago, because I am a completist, and having read the Little Women quartette, wanted more of Alcott's books. I'm glad I did to get Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom, but everything else hasn't been able to sustain my interest. I suspect that the main reason I never sat down and read this book properly was because it began with a doll's tea party. This time, because it was part of a pile of books that I AM going to read/reread (and make a judgment on whether I keep them or give them away) I began it last Sunday and finished it last night.

In brief, Read more... )


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