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Assignment in Brittany is an early book by Helen MacInnes, set in occupied France during world war two, with one of her very competent heroes, although the challenges he has to face keep mounting. It’s a different setting to her usual Cold War stories, but certainly suspenseful.

Rules by Jane Beaton is the second in the Dorney House series, (I reviewed the first book Class here). It ends with a cliffhanger for the main character, which left me wondering where all the other books in the series the writer claims to have planned in the afterword are. This was published in 2009.

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A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley is the latest Flavie de Luce book that I read. Looking back, I see that I haven’t posted anything about the previous books that I read. Flavia’s a rummy girl, isn’t she!? I kept putting this book down, which isn’t like me and I don’t remember finding the other books in the series such a slog. Apart from stumbling across crime scenes and ruining dresses with her intrepid investigating, Flavia has to deal with a lot of family drama - her relationship with her older sisters is particularly twisted - and her dead mother Harriet seems to be much more of a presence, and naturally (or supernaturally), a mysterious one, than in the previous books.

I see that I read much more traditional girls own books over last Easter. Hmm.
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I recommend both, although they’re very different – the main character of one is a five year old girl, and the other film strongly features a quartette of young women.

The Beasts of the Southern Wild (12A) is going to get award attention. If you can, try to see it. It’s a fable about climate change and how it affects one family, their bayou and the way of life that’s grown up about it. It is both arty (comparisons have been made to Terrence Malick’s work, although it’s not quite up there for me) and folk art, if that’s the right phrase. The lynch-pin is the mesmerising Hushpuppy, the little girl at the heart of it all. In some ways, this reminded me of Ponyo (similarly aged heroine, the threat of rising waters, the power and wonder of nature) although this is a much fiercer film than the Japanese one. There are some astounding scenes towards the end.

The Sapphires (PG) is F. U. N. Three Aboriginal sisters and a cousin in the sixties join with a hapless but passionate about soul Irishman (Chris O’Dowd, very funny) to create the titular girl group and perform for mainly African American soldiers in Vietnam. There’s a down-to-earth humour about it, you can’t help root for the girls to get over their rivalries and issues, for a few of them to find love and for all of them to stay safe. Although the tone is mainly light-hearted, it doesn’t shy away from racism and its heartbreaking effects. The audience that I saw it with laughed, cried and sung along with the numbers. Sometimes, it was let down by budgetary constraints, but you were always rooting for the sparky Sappires.

Hopefully, my next post will be a tale of folly, great drama and a faulty memory...
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Ginger and Rosa 12A
Written and directed by: Sally Potter
Starring: Elle Fanning, Alice Englert, Alessandro Nivola, Christina Hendricks etc.


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A Popular Schoolgirl: Angela Brazil

I had an ‘oh, Angela’ moment when Read more... )

Sara Gay Model Girl in New York: Janey Scott

That's New York, 1961 - fit for girls. Read more... )

Dance with me by Victoria Clayton

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I look forward to reading more by Clayton (I think another book of hers may have been recommended by [personal profile] callmemadam.)

Finally I reread Three go to Switzerland: Mabel Esther Allan

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