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My Cousin Rachel
This adaptation of Du Maurier’s book, which I haven’t read, revolves around Read more... )

Adventure on Rainbow Island by Dorothy Clewes
I enjoyed this well enough, considering it was narrated by a sixteen year old chauvinist Read more... )

I've also recently reread The Ambermere Treasure by Malcolm Saville, featuring the Jillies and Standings. I’d bought a second copy by accident, although I can see why I didn’t really remember it. Read more... )
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Swallows and Amazons (2016) (PG)
Directed by: Philippa Lowthorpe
Adapted by: Andrea Gibb
From the book by: Arthur Ransome
Starring: (Grown-ups): Rafe Spall, Kelly Macdonald, Andrew Scott
(Swallows): Dane Hughes, Orla Hill, Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen, Bobbie McCulloch,

This feels a little like a natives’ take on the adventures of the Swallows and Amazons. Read more... )
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Jersey Adventure: Viola Bayley, Dent, 1969

The back flap of this book’s dust jacket quotes the Junior Bookshelf stating ‘Miss Bayley is a sort of Mary Stewart for young readers’, which is an accurate description, I think. Read more... )
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First Class Murder: Robin Stevens (A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery) Corgi 2015

I say, old things, I jolly well ought to put Mrs Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ on my ‘to reread’ pile!

This is the third adventure of the Detective Society, comprised of that paragon Daisy Wells and her erstwhile Watson Hazel Wong, and this time, they are Read more... )
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Fardingales: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, Girls Gone By 2015
(originally published 1950)

As this book is associated with Chudleigh Hold (I understand some of the characters in it will cross paths with Chudleighs), I was looking out for similarities as I read. It features a family of young people, living in a large family house, the eponymous Fardingales, by the sea, which means picnics, caves and adventure. Read more... )
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Christabel’s Cornish Adventure: Dorothy May Hardy Nelson (this reprint the second in 1958)

‘”Well, for cool cheek you have no equal, Chris.”

‘Thus spoke Jane with admiration’ p.83

I don’t know about that assertion, Christabel is part of the Dimsie Maitland, Mary-Lou Trelawney etc tradition. Read more... )

For tomorrow, a merry Christmas!
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Barbed Wire—Keep Out!: Agnes M. Miall Brock Press 1950

Isn’t this one of the most brilliant titles for a children’s book ever? It demands that the reader dives in, just like the barbed wire and the injunction to keep out has no influence on the main characters of this adventure.

They are Perry (really Perilla, poor thing) and her sister Prue and their chums Hump and Noel. They have appeared in other books, one of which, Snowed Up With a Secret, I own and had read years and years ago, but don’t remember a thing about. Perry and Hump are aged about sixteen, Prue’s about fourteen and Noel about eleven. So, if you like books about gangs of children bringing down gangs of criminals, you’ll like this.

Read more... )
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Torridons’ Triumph: Marie Muir Collins 1967

This is the first book by Muir that I’ve read – I think there were others by her in the shop where I saw this, but I decided to just buy one as a taster – and it was a really enjoyable and satisfying story. It falls into that sub-genre where a family of youngsters must band together to make enough money to keep the family going. Here, Read more... )
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Rangers and Strangers and Other Stories: Ethel Talbot Nelson

I didn't realise until opening this book to rad it that it was a collection of short stories, rather than one book-length story. The title of the collection comes from the first and longest story, and is, in a way misleading, because Read more... )
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The Manor House Mystery: Monica Marsden 1950 Brock Books

I enjoyed this more than I expected to – I hadn’t thought much of the last couple of books by Marsden that I’d read (I looked, and I only mentioned them in passing here, I’m thinking more of ‘A Matter of Clues’ than ‘Behind the Dragon’s Teeth’ although this is more similar to the latter than the former), although I’d liked her books a lot as a child. This book is part of the AMPs series – the AMPs being the siblings Angela, Michael and Patricia Thompson.Read more... )
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Mullion: Mabel Esther Allan. Hutchinson

My copy of this book features a mostly intact dustjacket featuring two girls and two boys in a motorboat with a castle on an island behind them. If I’d looked at it more carefully, or read the blurb – but I just saw Mabel Esther Allan’s name under a title I didn’t own, so why did I need to? - I wouldn’t have come to the story under the misapprehension that Read more... )
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Redshank’s Warning: Malcolm Saville. Armada 1963 edition

This is the book that introduces the Jillions (aka the Jillies – Mandy, Prue and Tim) to the Standings (Guy and Mark) and readers.

Read more... )
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Some of these books were read within sniffing distance of a beach, at any rate.

Sally at School: Ethel Talbot / Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy: Ally Carter / Going Gangster: M.E. Atkinson )

Yesterday, I finished the wonderful Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, which merits a fuller review, although I don't feel I can write anything that's remotely adequate.
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The House of the Paladin: Violet Needham, Collins, 1957

To enjoy this junior Ruritanian yarn, one has to be in a slightly forgiving mood. The story begins with a fifteen year old English boy drinking beer and contemplating spending the rest of his continental walking holiday alone. But if you’re willing to squash your ‘As if’ and go along with that wish-fulfilment, you’ll get a gripping and suspenseful story.

Read more... )

Edited on 10/9/15.
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There were some mysteries: one featuring bored redheaded twins in Rhodesia in Monica Marsden’s A Matter of Clues. The first Rhodesian-set story I’ve read in a while, it's extremely silly. I then read Out of the Past by Patricia Wentworth, a (late) Miss Silver mystery that features many familiar elements, but there is an attempt to reorder them.

There were two family adventures off the Irish coast, both featuring some extraordinary modes of transportation and Irish clichés, plus the handy deaths of some of those Irishmen who were only mourned for a chapter at best. The Golden Galleon by Eileen Heming Read more... )

Then there was Jonquil, Test Pilot by Eileen Marsh, about Jonquil and her brother Jack and sister Belinda, who love flying aeroplanes. Read more... ) This book featured a lot of illustrations, most of which I didn’t like at all.

Then finally, unseasonally, there was The Merryfield Mystery by Marjorie Cleves about a group of schoolgirls, two mistresses and staff who stay behind at their school over the Christmas holidays. They’re snowed in and ‘haunted’. I wished that the whole mystery angle, in which everyone was a part-time ghost hunter and sleuth, had been dropped by the author just to tell the story of how this mixed group had got on and entertained themselves.

Oh dear, that’s a grumpy overview, and the truth is, the fact that I managed to nearly burn three toasts this morning has nothing to do with it. I had a relaxing break! (A fuller review of a book that I enjoyed more will be coming next.)


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