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My Cousin Rachel
This adaptation of Du Maurier’s book, which I haven’t read, revolves around Read more... )

Adventure on Rainbow Island by Dorothy Clewes
I enjoyed this well enough, considering it was narrated by a sixteen year old chauvinist Read more... )

I've also recently reread The Ambermere Treasure by Malcolm Saville, featuring the Jillies and Standings. I’d bought a second copy by accident, although I can see why I didn’t really remember it. Read more... )
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I have been half thinking about using some sort of rating system for my book reviews. Would it be useful? Is it too much bother - I suspect I'd get bogged down by guilt at my own subjectivity, and it would have to be something as stark as poor, all right, good and must read? Anyway, if I were to institute a rating system, this would get the lowest rating.

The Rivals of Maidenhurst by Dorothy M. Parkin. Nelson, premier series.

Read more... )

Googling informed me that Folly magazine considered this at least a contender for an awful book award, but this cached (?) obituary of Dorothy Clewes reveals that Rivals was Clewes (nee Parkin)'s first novel and was published in 1925 when she was 18, which explains a lot. (Not what publisher Nelson was thinking, really, but still). She went on to write books that, by my recollection, were markedly better.


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