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This has to be the most ill-timed review I've ever posted, but I also read and enjoyed this book over the weekend, before I knew that there was going to be a Storm Doris. I've overheard a conversation bemoaning the use of the name 'Doris' - it's associated with nice women, apparently!

Doris’s High School Days: Clarice March. Blackie

A few pages in, Read more... )
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I feel I must preface this post as it’s about an American book that references women’s suffrage by saying that I read ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ at the end of October, but hadn’t been able to finish this review until now.

Daddy Long Legs: Jean Webster, Hodder & Stoughton

When I went to see the musical adaptation of this book (four years ago, EEK!), I realised that I couldn’t find my copy of ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ (a paperback edition, with an image of Judy in her gingham dress on the cover, possibly on a swing, I think). I still haven’t found it. So, when I came across a hardback copy, I decided to buy it. I have the original cast recording of the musical, so it’s been kept fresh in my mind, but I ought to be able to revisit the original easily.

It was good to return to the book and find that Read more... )
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Death on the Cherwell: Mavis Doriel Hay, 2014, The British Library

Four female undergraduate students from Persephone College, Oxford University, are in the process of setting up a secret society. Its main purpose is Read more... )
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The Scholarship Girl at Cambridge: Josephine Elder Girls Gone By Publishers 2012

In this sequel to The Scholarship Girl, (I wrote about it in passing here) we Read more... )

I read the introduction etc after the main story. A short story by Joesphine Elder is included where a bunch of schoolgirls get their comeuppance - suggesting again the paucity of university stories for girls, even by this author, because you'd have thought GGBP would have put in a story of university life were a suitable one available.
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Greetings! I've been away, yes on a beach, and here are a couple of the books that I read that I think you'd enjoy too.

Introducing Aunt Dimity, Paranormal Detective: Nancy Atherton. Penguin 2009.

This is an omnibus edition of the first two novels in the 'Aunt Dimity' series, which I think I came across in an Amazon 'if you like this book, why not this' way?. Well, I now have another series to collect. The blurb describes them as 'cosy' mysteries, and they very much are, with a slight paranormal element, romance and growing. self confidence for their heroines. They also fit in with a very American type of Anglophilia.

Aunt Dimity's Death Read more... )

The website for the series Aunt Dimity's world should give you some idea of the flavour of the books.

I also read Bluestockings: Jane Robinson Penguin 2010.

It was an impulse buy - I had underpacked and so visited the airport's WHSmiths in a flustered mood, but was high-minded enough to buy this. I'm glad I did, it was quite a few of the things that the similarly themed Willingly to School wasn't. Read more... )
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I just watched the hour-long documentary 100 Years of the Girl Guides, which aired on BBC4 on Sunday on iPlayer, where it can still be watched by residents of the UK until Sunday night. Past experience suggests that it will be repeated on BBC2 at some point.

I was never a Brownie, Guide or Ranger, but read about them from enthusiastic proponents like Mrs Osborn-Hann, Ethel Talbot and Catherine Christian (or is it Christine Chaundler? perhaps both). The programme, a mixture of history with talking heads: former Brownies or Guides all, but some being celebrities or notables talking about their experienc/view of what they learned or women talking about certain experiences that they'd been through. It made me tear up, to be honest, Read more... ) Anyway, if you were/are one of the huge numbers who were/are involved in the Guiding movement, or just a reader like me, I'm sure you'd find it fascinating. There was no mention of guiding books, although they used clips of Guides' footage.
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Nicky of the Lower Fourth by Evelyn Smith (Blackie & Son.) is the first book by this authoress that I’ve ever read, but I’ll certainly keep an eye out for more from now on. Read more... )

Willingly to School: Mary Cathcart Borer Lutterworth Press 1976.

I have to admit to being underwhelmed. For one thing, surely it would have been more honest to subtitle it ‘A History of English Women’s Education’, Read more... )

Torley Grange: Gwendoline Courtney Girls Gone By Publishers, 2008.

The word that comes to me after having enjoyed reading this book on a train journey is ‘jolly’. Read more... )


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