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My Cousin Rachel
This adaptation of Du Maurier’s book, which I haven’t read, revolves around Read more... )

Adventure on Rainbow Island by Dorothy Clewes
I enjoyed this well enough, considering it was narrated by a sixteen year old chauvinist Read more... )

I've also recently reread The Ambermere Treasure by Malcolm Saville, featuring the Jillies and Standings. I’d bought a second copy by accident, although I can see why I didn’t really remember it. Read more... )
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Swallows and Amazons (2016) (PG)
Directed by: Philippa Lowthorpe
Adapted by: Andrea Gibb
From the book by: Arthur Ransome
Starring: (Grown-ups): Rafe Spall, Kelly Macdonald, Andrew Scott
(Swallows): Dane Hughes, Orla Hill, Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen, Bobbie McCulloch,

This feels a little like a natives’ take on the adventures of the Swallows and Amazons. Read more... )
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I cught two matches from the ATP Tour Finals at the O2. That is, I half-watched Del Potro vs Federer and the crowd battling it out to reach the semis on Saturday. Read more... )

Apparently there is going to be a film of Swallows and Amazons with Dan Stephens (aka Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey) playing Captain Flint. I have no issue with Stephens playing James Turner...in several years’ time. I couldn’t find much online on the project, filming seems to have been delayed and it’s described as ‘in development’ on imdb. I was wondering if it would be an adaptation of the stage musical, but I think not now, based on what I've seen about the project.

On Monday night, in what was not a shock, despite Sue Barker’s loyal championing of Federer, Nadal vs. Djokovic, the top two players in the world, playing in the final. I didn’t begrudge the doubles players, exactly, but I did wish the singles match could have started sooner and that there hadn’t been an hour of filler in the studio. I was, again, half-asleep for the last two games.

Read more... )
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Ths isn't the review that I said was coming (but then today was meant to be a book-buying day and that didn't happen either). Friday before last I read Anne Billson's feature on 'An Education', An Education that is very British, and the depiction of (British) school life or lack therefor on the big screen. I then saw 'An Education' (recommended, even if it sometimes falls on the side of being funny and charming rather than profound, the acting is very good, and the heroine's school life is a thread) and before it a trailer for Cracks, which is mentioned in the feature. I'm not sure entirely whether elements that were hinted at in the trailer will come through in the film. It looked like one I'd want to see, although everyone's hair was awfully messy!

Anyway, in her feature, Billson asks But why did no one ever film Malory Towers, or The Chalet School?. She discusses part of the reason in the feature, I think, St. Trinian's, which in part parodied the girl's school story. A strong, parodic or absured iconography like that made a 'straight' rendition difficult. In addition, the examples she offers are series, which before the Harry Potter and Twilight phenomena would probably put film-makers off (but why no television series?) Perhaps not so much these days? I don't know. It would be fun to see an all-girls school story with the rivalries, the midnight feasts, the prefects nd mistresses and the daring rescue from a fire or unexpected tide!
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Ella Enchanted: Gail Carson Levine. HarperCollins 2000.

I bought this because I saw it for sale at 20p. Now, the film which is (loosely) based on this book is one of my top comfort films -- a fairy tale retold, with a wink to The Princess Bride, oh and characters liable to break out in 70s/80s pop songs. But, having seen it first, I probably wouldn't have bought the original book if it hadn't been so cheap. The film looms large in my response to the book.Read more... )
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Happy New Year! I had hoped to post this much sooner after I saw the film, but it didn't work out. Still, I hope to post something about my Christmas reading (what bliss it is to be able to spend day after day reading books) in the near future.

Inkheart 2008


As I previously discussed in my review of the book, I read the translation of Cornelia Funke's Inkheart in preparation for this movie adaptation, charmed by the central idea of people with the gift of bringing characters and objects out of books when they read them out loud. Read more... )
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Inkheart: Cornelia Funke (translated by Anthea Bell) The Chicken House 2004 - paperback edition)

This is a book that will make even the most oblivious person about the physical form of a book notice it. I read from a library copy, because I wanted to read it before the film came out. It's the first Chicken House publication I've read - quirkily, the back suggests that you 'Read it! Try page 89' (I only noticed this after passing that point. I don't know if page 89 was particularly enticing).

This is very much a book for bookworms and about bibliophilia.Read more... )
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Film review: Nancy Drew (2007)

Directed by: Andrew Fleming
Written by: Andrew Fleming and Tiffany Paulsen
Based on the Nancy Drew series written by 'Carolyn Keene'
Starring: Emma Roberts,

The Riddle of Reinventing Nancy Drew Read more... )


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