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My Cousin Rachel
This adaptation of Du Maurier’s book, which I haven’t read, revolves around Read more... )

Adventure on Rainbow Island by Dorothy Clewes
I enjoyed this well enough, considering it was narrated by a sixteen year old chauvinist Read more... )

I've also recently reread The Ambermere Treasure by Malcolm Saville, featuring the Jillies and Standings. I’d bought a second copy by accident, although I can see why I didn’t really remember it. Read more... )
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The Scapegoat

I was reminded by an advert on ITV that I’d wanted to see The Scapegoat and realised I certainly wanted to see it more than whatever they were airing at that moment, so I stopped my channel-hopping and went to see whether it was still on ITV Player. Luckily, it was. Still is, I presume

It’s adapted from a Daphne du Maurier novel – I own Jamaica Inn, but all I remember of it is it was set in Cornwall, there was smuggling and a dark-haired man was involved. I think I know what the story of Rebecca is by osmosis, although I’ve never read the book or watched the adaptations. It’s quite possible that I’ve seen other du Maurier adaptations unknowingly.

The story Read more... )


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