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Day Six

As it was Saturday, I had my choice of matches on BBC One and Two, and the tennis was mostly on, although I dipped in and out, following the results, as a few lower ranked women could not transfer a set and a break into a win.

The two matches I watched properly were Djokovic vs Gulbis and Federer vs M Zverev, which were both enjoyable, if not, ultimately, that competitive. Gulbis started serving bombs (adrenaline?) and got a break up. Like everyone watching, I sat up and went, ‘Hello.’ But that and possibly feeling hard-done-by by the umpire riled Djokovic up and he reeled off some nine games, while Gulbis’s lack of match play told against him (and his back). Djokovic was two sets up, and although Gulbis managed to keep his end up better in the the third, with a few big shots, there was no doubt that Djokovic would win. I can’t speak as to how much Djokovic is on it – we’ll see how far he makes it through, won’t we?

The last match on Centre involved a determined serve and volleyer and Federer’s aggressive response. On the whole, Zverev was playing well, but Federer mostly had answers for that, be they passing shots or coming in, some of them were amazing, and, again, considering he had a cold, he looked good. A part of me feels a Federer vs Nadal rematch is on in the finals, although Murray, Djokovic and possibly AN Other (Cilic has won a slam) might say something about that.

The appropriate response about the women is to shrug your shoulders and make an all-encompassing gesture. I think the Muguruza vs Kerber match will be on Muguruza’s racquet, Azarenka vs Halep should be interesting. I don’t know if there’s too much British bias about Konta, and I wonder if I’ve been underestimating Venus Williams. Rybankova was impressive, Ostapenko has to be feeling good about her game…but so must be the other players who have made it through, some of which I haven’t even seen play yet.


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