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Day one

I came home to Nadal’s match point (looked like he thrashed his opponent) and got a round-up of results. I was then able to watch Konta’s match and enjoy the first switch from BBC One to BBC Two. Konta was playing the player who had beat her in the French, but as one saw her second serve, in particular, you could see why she ought to have a much better record at Wimbledon, as the serve is the basis for everything. She overpowered her opponent and won the first set, although I think if she’d been less nervy on a few points, she could have won even more convincingly, but she was in control by the second, having obviously decided to bring her game to her opponent to get through.

And then I had Heather Watson making it through in a wobbly fashion, and Medvedev underlining the potential he’d shown on grass by beating a subpar Wawrinka in his first grand-slam match! It wouldn’t be day one if we hadn’t had a shock! seed upset. I’m glad that Murray and Kvitova also got through.

Day two

I caught the end of Wozniacki’s match with Babos, after Babos’s collapse had started, so it took a while to realise what had happened over the course of three sets. That was a tough opponent for Wozniacki – I hadn’t seen the draw or anything, so I kept being surprised. There was a bit of Lopez vs. Mannarino, but it was obvious that Lopez was hurt and Mannarino too good not to take advantage of it, so that was shifted off BBC 2 as it got increasingly painful, and the tennis became background noise to me until ‘Today at Wimbledon’.

I like Claire Baldwin as much as anyone, but is it so much to ask for a presenter who is competent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable? At one point, I did wonder if Baldwin really knew Navratilova’s stature in the game (or even at just Wimbledon) compared with Cash. Otherwise, at the start, it seemed like they were going to talk about mainly the men – and it turned out to be mainly injured men, unavoidably so, as there were two retirements on Centre Court, meaning we saw very little of Djokovic and Federer play (although the latter seemed impressive to me). Lopez also retired (you’ll always have Queen’s now), Edmunds followed Konta in winning a match he should have won and finally making it through to the second round, and Kerber and Pliskova are through.
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