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I didn’t start watching this until the end of Thursday, and although I was aware that Murray, the defending champion, had surprisingly lost in his first match, I hadn’t realised until then that most of the other top players had lost early too. Nonetheless, good grass-court players had made it through.

Again, on Friday, I saw the last quarter final, where Lopez snaffled it, having saved a match point, which led to a crucial reversal.

As for the semis, Cilic looked brilliant in the beginning, and I was reminded that he’d been playing well in the French until Wawrinka (I believe, but am too lazy to check) stopped him, but Mueller hung in there and pushed it to three. The weather played a part, and frustratingly meant that the second semi was completed off the television, because it was exciting tennis.

It turned out the final was Lopez versus Cilic, and as Andy Castle repeatedly told us their stories*, but it was a high-quality match, although the tempo increased at the end of sets. Cilic blinked in the second tie-breaker, though, after Lopez played a couple of excellent games to get there. They were more closely matched towards the end of the third, with Cilic playing catch up to get them into a fabulous tie-break, with even more tension caused by the wind. It became obvious it was going to come down to a couple of points and whoever broke, and…it was Cilic, which gave Lopez, finally, his win! He’d been really popular with the spectators, probably because of his style.

*but with John Inverdale, clearly hating tennis, on the team and ugh, even ‘commentating’, the repetition wasn’t so irritating.

On the same day, Federer made himself one of the first names to mention when talking about favourites for Wimbledon, and Kvitova won at Eastbourne, which is absolutely wonderful, after everything.


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