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It's week 2 of the French Open and I haven't discussed it here - mainly because I haven't seen all of a match yet. I came close to it last night, watching most of Garcia vs. Cornet. I've watched or listened to pieces - Konta was doing well in the first round until I tuned in. I've seen bits of Murray, the enigma that is currently Djokovic, Kyle Edmund, Muguruza and Pliskova play. But not Nadal, who seems to be on fire and must surely be the strong favourite to regain his Slam, somewhat amazingly, Halep, Cilic or Thiem.

The women's side, as one always says, is madly open - even more than it was going in, with Serena Williams pregnant, Sharapova not playing (my take on it is to follow whatever the agreed procedure is for a player who has served a drugs ban), Halep, who'd apparently been good on clay injured. The focus was, rightly, on the wonderful news that Kvitova was able to play again after being stabbed. But then Kerber and other seeds went out. Pliskova is the highest ranked seed left but has done nothing at Roland Garros previously, and so it's open to whoever wins all their matches, whoever she may be.

There's something reassuring about the team that ITV has reassembled to cover the tournament - the former tennis players talk sense, some in a charming French accent, the commentators who weren't tennis players waffle and John Inverdale talks fluent pompous garbage.
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