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Pixie O’Shaughnessy: Mrs George de Horne Vaizey. The Religious Tract society, Thirteenth Edition

It’s nearly 20 years since I bought and, presumably, first read this book. I decided to reacquaint myself with the character having purchased ‘More about Pixie’ in 2016 and got my opportunity over the Christmas holidays - the book features a striking New Year's Eve party. Before I rereat it, Read more... )
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Nan of Northcote: Doris Pocock Ward & Lock Limited

This book starts with an election. At Northcote school, Read more... )
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I feel I must preface this post as it’s about an American book that references women’s suffrage by saying that I read ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ at the end of October, but hadn’t been able to finish this review until now.

Daddy Long Legs: Jean Webster, Hodder & Stoughton

When I went to see the musical adaptation of this book (four years ago, EEK!), I realised that I couldn’t find my copy of ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ (a paperback edition, with an image of Judy in her gingham dress on the cover, possibly on a swing, I think). I still haven’t found it. So, when I came across a hardback copy, I decided to buy it. I have the original cast recording of the musical, so it’s been kept fresh in my mind, but I ought to be able to revisit the original easily.

It was good to return to the book and find that Read more... )
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Death on the Cherwell: Mavis Doriel Hay, 2014, The British Library

Four female undergraduate students from Persephone College, Oxford University, are in the process of setting up a secret society. Its main purpose is Read more... )
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Abbey Turns the Tables: Eric Leyland, Nelson 1959

I bought this thinking it would be about a mixed-gender school, but, set at a boys’ boarding school, it’s solely a boys own adventure. I see I’ve never written a review of a boys own book before, but then I haven’t read many and most of those involved Billy Bunter. When I see boys own books in shops, I tend to wish they were girls own and move on.

The most striking feature of this book is Read more... )
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So, the US Open results have been mildly surprising Read more... )

Now, I didn’t see any of this – but I have been watching the Paralympics, especially cycling, swimming and athletics. Read more... )
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I’ve been on holiday for a few days, staying in a hotel that had Eurosport, but in German, which I don’t understand beyond ‘ja, nein, gutt, aber und schnell’, as I never attended the Chalet School. But a lot of English tennis jargon found its way in and you can work out who a player beat if the commentators keep mentioning their names. What's important is that it meant that I saw more of the US Open than I ever have, although, conversely, I had only a partial grasp of the slam Read more... )
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Swallows and Amazons (2016) (PG)
Directed by: Philippa Lowthorpe
Adapted by: Andrea Gibb
From the book by: Arthur Ransome
Starring: (Grown-ups): Rafe Spall, Kelly Macdonald, Andrew Scott
(Swallows): Dane Hughes, Orla Hill, Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen, Bobbie McCulloch,

This feels a little like a natives’ take on the adventures of the Swallows and Amazons. Read more... )
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The BFG (2016) (PG)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Adapted by: Melissa Mathison
From the book by: Roald Dahl
Starring: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Jemaine Clement, Penelope Wilton

This year is the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth, which has affected me less than I would have believed as a child when I devoured his books and loved them. Read more... )
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Magic for Marigold: L.M. Montgomery Harrap 1935

This story of Marigold and her clan, the Lesleys (of Cloud of Spruce, Prince Edward Island), starts like a fairy story, with a baby in need of a name. Read more... )
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This itty-bitty post is bought to you by there being no Olympics on TV for another four years. I expect that the people running it would want more attention to be given to heartwarming stories about sportsmanship rather than other, less ennobling things. And so I oblige.

I did want to mention the hockey, because I found myself watching the exciting women's gold medal match on Friday, I think it was. Wasn't the British goalie amazing? Or should I say English? In the tradition of talking enthusiastically about a sport I know nothing about, are there seriously no outstanding Scottish or Welsh hockey players?

Anyway, international hockey is fierce based on that match and what little else I saw from Rio. There was talk of stitches and wired jaws! It doesn't come off as so violent in girls own books. I know there is talk of sticks and wild play when new girls play for the first time and, yes, there are injuries, but they're usually predictable and in service to the story: one player is injured so she can no longer play and the new girl in the fourth or the rebel who didn't impress the games captain at the start of term can show her mettle.

The force of watching top-class female team sports did strike me anew these Olympics.
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Jersey Adventure: Viola Bayley, Dent, 1969

The back flap of this book’s dust jacket quotes the Junior Bookshelf stating ‘Miss Bayley is a sort of Mary Stewart for young readers’, which is an accurate description, I think. Read more... )
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I have been watching the Olympics, but to a much lesser degree than was the case in 2012, because of the time difference. It took me a little while to realise that I could catch some of the sports – there had been so much emphasis on how the premium athletics would be on in the wee small hours.

But after a couple of days, Read more... )

Styx and Stones: Carola Dunn

This is an ultimately breezy mystery for Daisy to solve (with help) and was most interesting for me because of Read more... )
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The Lark in the Morn: Elfrida Vipont Oxford University Press 1959

I had vaguely heard of this book and had the impression that it was well thought of, having read it, I agree, Read more... )
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Last week, I went away for a few days and these are some of the books that I read then:

The School on the Moor: Angela Brazil

Read more... )

Reread: A Countess Below Stairs: Eva Ibbotson

(I think I will reread all my Ibbotsons as a project.)

Read more... )

Penelope’s Prefects: Judith Carr

Read more... )
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First Class Murder: Robin Stevens (A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery) Corgi 2015

I say, old things, I jolly well ought to put Mrs Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ on my ‘to reread’ pile!

This is the third adventure of the Detective Society, comprised of that paragon Daisy Wells and her erstwhile Watson Hazel Wong, and this time, they are Read more... )


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